Calculate the Construction Cost of your Dream Home

All of us, at one point in life, would like to build our dream house.  For most, it is a once in a lifetime event and we want to make sure that it includes all our wishes, desires and needs.  It is not only monetary but also a highly emotional investment, involving all those who will live in the house.

Purely from a process point of view,  building a house of your own raises a series of questions. Here we attempt to answer some common ones:

Should I hire an architect?
A plan and design by a credible architect are reflected in the house. Select an architect who takes time to  understand you, your lifestyle and needs of your new home. You can also research on feedback about the architect, to  ensure his technical acumen and reliability.

Hiring an architect is a must-have. An architect will judicially utilize your space and money, making the best out of available resources. He can provide solutions that are long-lasting and effective. The cost and time involvement and the trials and tribulations of repetitive breaking and rebuilding are often too high and prohibitive. Hiring a good architect saves you from this trouble and in fact offsets the money you intended to save in not hiring a professional.

What is the importance of a good structure?
The structure of the house gives it stability and strength, therefore, there should be no compromise. It is vital to select right type and grade of materials according to the load for a safe and lasting house. 

Can we save money by choosing lower quality internal fittings?
Using the best quality fittings is the wisest decision, as any damage or leakage will lead to heavy expenditure in the future. Choose good quality fittings to avoid any auxillary expenses. 

Finally we arrive at the most important question of all: ‘How much is the construction going to cost me?

Before we address this, some other major considerations are choices regarding plumbing, lighting fixtures, and material finishes. 

These choices are made based on your wants and/or your budget. Fixtures and material finishes come in a wide variety of selections and therefore, carefully opt for the right material within your budget is the key. 

Construction Cost Calculator by United Construction Company: 

Construction of the house is a big investment requiring a planned budget. A starting point to plan the budget  is to estimate the cost of construction. can support you in arriving at this cost. Designed with the help of experienced architects and builders, there is a Construction Cost Calculator, that will provide you with a realistic estimate indication

The cost of construction is based on the approximate plot size, and includes  many other relevant details and considerations in building a house. 

To get the best result, fill in a few things about your home:

Step 1: An approximate construction area is required, depending on the number of rooms you need .

Step 2: The construction materials; i.e. RCC structure with bricks or Load bearing brick structure with RCC slab.  

Step 3: Number of floors planned. 

Step 4:  Need for a basement. 

Step 5: Deciding on the materials you want to use for plumbing, electrical, flooring, wall finishes, doors and windows. 

(The website allows you to select from a low to high range of investment in the various materials.)

And Voila! you will receive an email with an estimated cost budget of your dream home. 

To ensure your money’s worth, some research on materials and finishes is helpful. 

Watch this space as we share with you details on how to make the right choice on your plumbing, electrical, and flooring, etc. for your dream home. 

All you need to know about construction companies and field reporting

Typical, the construction industry is experiencing a significant shift, all thanks to digital tools. In the effort of construction companies to deal with a new standard, a significant shift towards new technologies is seen. The only reason technological changes are coming up with the technological changes to deal with the competition amid both exterior and interiors of the industry. The players in the construction industry will soon understand the need to make the projects pretty agile. As it will make it easier for them to enhance productivity and lastly deliver sooner and enhance their profits.

Obviously, looking and implementing the perfect elements in your construction site isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The majority of the project planners even today depend upon WhatsApp, Messenger, or even Excel and emails when it comes to communication with regards to the project. No doubt, they are amazing tools, but they are just not right for the construction industry. Hence all we say is that you must look forward to implementing industry-specific tools. It is essential because these tools will help you stay connected with your team, and you won’t even lose sight. If you want to achieve seamless communications, then you must have digital solutions built for the construction sector and a single source of data. With that, you can easily bridge the gap between the office and site. Above all, you can keep your project safe against all the legal claims which can put your project on the back burner.

Some of the problems prevailing in the construction industry:

Day by day, construction projects are becoming more and more digital and agile, but you must that the journey has just begun. So, if you are planning to incorporate digital moves in your company, then you must know that there are some problems in the construction industry that need to be addressed quickly. 

  • Broken communication- One of the biggest problems in the construction industry is the lack of collaboration. If you are not able to communicate on a real-time basis, then you might end up losing your time and money. Naturally, restricted access leads to broken communication, which then results in serious coordination problems.
  • Improper management of resources- Often, the lack of visibility in the construction industry leads to a plethora of problems. Like, subcontractors don’t arrive on time, materials are not available on time, or site teams are booked, which leads to delays. 

Thus, when you have industry-specific tools, then you can easily avoid such delays, mainly because it has a powerful insight into the project. For example, it can keep a tab on the materials that need to be supplied. It is done using sensors, and it also facilitates automatic ordering besides delivering it on the site. Hence, with digital tools, the site managers can always be on time and also reduce losses. The task will always start on time, so you will also have peace of mind.

Now construction projects are not simple and basic, rather the construction industry has diverse and becomes more planned. The needs of the customers are taken very seriously and the projects are planned accordingly. Gone are the days of standardized projects, and now is the time for a lot more customization in place.

Hence, technology in the industry plays a huge role. With the advanced technologies, there is a lot more which can be offered to the customers and bring them to the level of delight more than just customization happening in today’s time.

Importance of machine learning

We have heard the term machine learning a plethora of times now but in touch with human technology is the last thing we can ever think of. Above all, apprehensions tend to increase mainly because the term is void of humanity ultimately. But machine learning can improve the lives of people, and it is especially true in the construction industry. Though machine learning might sound an offbeat topic, but the future is going to be loaded with it. Above all, in the construction industry, machine learning has been gaining a lot of importance. The best part about machine learning is that it allows people to do their jobs efficiently. As compared to other industries, machine learning hasn’t made many advances, and it has made things hard for the labor class, mostly. One thing you need to know that machine learning in the construction industry it can help you in improving safety, productivity, quality. 

Things to know about machine learning:

Ideally, machine learning is all about an artificial intelligence approach that can help and predict the outcomes easily. Basically, it is a part of artificial intelligence. The applications of machine learning are technical and practical. 

Uses of machine learning in the construction industry:

  • Enhance the quality of designs- In the overall aspects, machine learning can help you improve the quality of strategies to make the spaces better for human beings to work. The advantages of machine learning are quite vast as the technology can also help the workers to understand their mistakes and omit them in the future. It is quite right for models that have integrated building information modeling (BIM) elements. Above all, you can say that machine learning can save time for humans, and they can use it to get more productive in their work. Hence, you can understand if a specific design is sufficient by using technology or do you need to undergo some changes. Also, you can predict if any issues are prevailing in the future.
  • Create a safer job site- No doubt, enhanced safety is the topmost priority on job sites in the construction industry. For example, VINNIE artificial intelligence can easily find out any safety concerns, including a person not wearing a hat. Above all, machine learning is way quicker than humans. Lastly, we can say that you can have the best benefits on the site with machine learning.
  • Assess and minimize the risk- You can say that machine learning helps you in predicting the risks even before they take place, and it is one of the most memorable parts of machine learning. It helps people learn about how to prevent problems. It can also help in identifying the risks, which determines their impact. Additionally, the tool helps in using predictive analysis, which is essential to minimize the risks. 

If you want machine learning to be effective, then you need to provide it valid data. One of the most common barriers in machine learning is a lack of data.

In the internet world today, we humans have been consumed. With the advancement of technology, there are more things coming up and one of the most influential concepts which have come is artificial intelligence or machine learning. In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or the computer-controlled robot which helps in performing the multiple tasks which are commonly associated with ‘Intelligent Things’. In the project world today the importance of artificial intelligence has been increasing due to catering to the high-end demands of the customer by the improvised quality and low prices. Hence, AI is the newly enhanced tool.