Calculate the Construction Cost of your Dream Home

All of us, at one point in life, would like to build our dream house.  For most, it is a once in a lifetime event and we want to make sure that it includes all our wishes, desires and needs.  It is not only monetary but also a highly emotional investment, involving all those who will live in the house.

Purely from a process point of view,  building a house of your own raises a series of questions. Here we attempt to answer some common ones:

Should I hire an architect?
A plan and design by a credible architect are reflected in the house. Select an architect who takes time to  understand you, your lifestyle and needs of your new home. You can also research on feedback about the architect, to  ensure his technical acumen and reliability.

Hiring an architect is a must-have. An architect will judicially utilize your space and money, making the best out of available resources. He can provide solutions that are long-lasting and effective. The cost and time involvement and the trials and tribulations of repetitive breaking and rebuilding are often too high and prohibitive. Hiring a good architect saves you from this trouble and in fact offsets the money you intended to save in not hiring a professional.

What is the importance of a good structure?
The structure of the house gives it stability and strength, therefore, there should be no compromise. It is vital to select right type and grade of materials according to the load for a safe and lasting house. 

Can we save money by choosing lower quality internal fittings?
Using the best quality fittings is the wisest decision, as any damage or leakage will lead to heavy expenditure in the future. Choose good quality fittings to avoid any auxillary expenses. 

Finally we arrive at the most important question of all: ‘How much is the construction going to cost me?

Before we address this, some other major considerations are choices regarding plumbing, lighting fixtures, and material finishes. 

These choices are made based on your wants and/or your budget. Fixtures and material finishes come in a wide variety of selections and therefore, carefully opt for the right material within your budget is the key. 

Construction Cost Calculator by United Construction Company: 

Construction of the house is a big investment requiring a planned budget. A starting point to plan the budget  is to estimate the cost of construction. can support you in arriving at this cost. Designed with the help of experienced architects and builders, there is a Construction Cost Calculator, that will provide you with a realistic estimate indication

The cost of construction is based on the approximate plot size, and includes  many other relevant details and considerations in building a house. 

To get the best result, fill in a few things about your home:

Step 1: An approximate construction area is required, depending on the number of rooms you need .

Step 2: The construction materials; i.e. RCC structure with bricks or Load bearing brick structure with RCC slab.  

Step 3: Number of floors planned. 

Step 4:  Need for a basement. 

Step 5: Deciding on the materials you want to use for plumbing, electrical, flooring, wall finishes, doors and windows. 

(The website allows you to select from a low to high range of investment in the various materials.)

And Voila! you will receive an email with an estimated cost budget of your dream home. 

To ensure your money’s worth, some research on materials and finishes is helpful. 

Watch this space as we share with you details on how to make the right choice on your plumbing, electrical, and flooring, etc. for your dream home.