Over the years, have delivered multiple projects with a success rate of 100%. We are the top-notch
Turnkey contractors in Gurugram. Get a quote?
What is Turnkey construction?
Ideally, when it comes to turnkey contracts, you need to sign one with turnkey contractors in
Gurgaon. You give us the complete responsibility to plan and build something that you can use
as soon as it is completed without any alteration. We as a company undertake all the duties,
including design, completion, and commissioning.
Why choose UCC India?
We are one of the best turnkey contractors in Gurgaon, and we claim to deliver bespoke
residences designed and built by world-class architects & construction experts. Above all, by
choosing us, you don’t need to break the bank also as we offer construction at reasonable rates
besides the superb quality.
We Provide Expertise in Turnkey contracts:
For at least 35 years now, we have been handling turnkey construction projects. Our team of
professionals ensures internationally acclaimed architects design each home built by us. Also,
we take pride in the superb quality offered by us, and we also claim to beat the international
The experiences offered by us:
 Trustable- You can entirely rely on us as we use only the best quality material and
 Customization- Here, we ensure that our professionals are working as if they are
building their own dream home.
 Qualified Professionals- Your project with us will be handled by a team of experts who
hold a lot of experience designing and building homes.
 Smooth Experience – Our experts ensure your work is completed smoothly and you are
satisfied like never.
UCC India is one of the most reliable and trusted brands in Gurugram!
We at UCC India, believe in providing highly rich experiences